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Young ExplorAuthors

The title isn’t a spelling mistake, dear Young ExplorAuthors: the Terre dei Savoia are just brimming with stories for you to write about. And so we’ve got a game to suggest: bring your parents with you, follow the traces provided by us: visit, play, discover, have fun. And then tell us all about your experience. In our programme Guide, we’ve created a section that will be written by you. Your options are two a penny. If you’re a nature lover, if you like legends, if you’re drawn to castles; if you love finding small details inside a large painting; if for you a museum is like a space for the imagination. If you want to experience what it was like to live in a prehistoric cabin; if you want to find out what a mountain does when… it’s bursting to pee; if you like photographing or drawing stalks, eagles or even wolves, or counting the bones of a cave bear that was alive 6,600 years ago. If you’ve read Pinocchio, if you want to go trekking on donkey-back, or on a trip in a carriage; if you’ve never flown in a hot-air balloon… But that’s enough it’s… time to get travelling!

Because yes: in the Terre dei Savoia: you’re the main characters! Pick out a story from our Slow experience section: come and live it out, write about it and send it to us. It could be a diary, a clip, a photo-story, an audio report… In any case, you’ll be able to have a field day with all the technologies! And hey presto, you’ll be featured online and receive our Young ExplorAuthor certificate!!!

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