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The "glorious challenge"

The art treasures of the Terre dei Savoia, do not not lend themselves to a hasty visit. Discovering these masterpieces means opening the eyes, mind and heart to the emotions of an expected revelation that, from the suggestions of the painted prayers in the small churches of the centuries immediately following the year one thousand, is fuelled by refined expressions of Caravaggesque realism and explodes in the prodigies of Baroque in which the deceptions and illusions of the art of trompe-l'oeil soar to new heights in a joyful dialogue with the moto perpetuo of stuccoes that overstep the bounds of imagination. Follow us in a journey of exploration in which the lives of the architects, painters, sculptors and engravers will explain the evolution of styles and tastes of patrons of art much better than any academic analysis. Following in their steps through ancient porticoes, you will discover majestic squares or "secret” corners of small cities in which space and time are marked by authentic architectural inventions. Strolling along secluded streets, you will discover painted chapels and sanctuaries that offer splendid views. Amongst vineyards and orchards, you will understand Stendhal’s sudden giddiness and confusion on unexpectedly encountering manifestations of genius.  

Because these lands have many treasures to be discovered. Also, and without any venal intent, the fine line that links the art of masters of the brush and engraving to that of our modern experts in hospitality. Remembering that Stendhal’s famous Syndrome is sparked not only by a surfeit of masterpieces by also of emotions! Our Pick your tip  offers both, to be combined as you wish!

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