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As on a Grand Tour

An exclusive experience, an authentic Grand Tour as undertaken by poets and musicians in Europe, to discover the century that has left an indelible impression on the Lands of the Savoy Family: the 19th century. Relive history in castles, and palaces, take a carriage drive in the parks, enjoy the Gothic revival, a "neo-feudal and romantic" architectural style expressed most effectively in this area; sleep in ancient manners; enjoy delicacies cooked according to century-old recipes or re-interpreted by great chefs; taste wines, salami, cheeses, honey, sweetmeats based on the “secrets” of the times; go bird-watching following the flight of storks at former Royal Estates; photograph great eagles, lammergeyers, chamois and roebucks, observe wolves from hideouts, go rock climbing in the Nature Parks which were once hunting reserves; hike, mountain bike, horse-ride along paths once trodden by Kings and Emperors, pilgrims and merchants. Enjoy an unforgettable shopping experience to take home not only your memories but also the flavours and fragrances of our genuine, authentic and surprising land.

Because from Racconigi to Pollenzo and Govone, from Barolo to Chiusa di Pesio, from Savigliano to Verduno, from Novello to Garessio, from Limone Piemonte to Valdieri, we have reserved a leading role for you at residences, hunting lodges, palaces and estates that were once the "homes of Kings" and of great aristocrats!

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