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In search of memories

In the Terre dei Savoia important pages have been written about a History that was "also" marked by the figure of the king and princes, generals and captains of industry, but that was particularly characterised by a series of formidable everyday characters. In the larger and smaller towns, in the villages and hamlets, there are thousands of people who dedicate their free time to ensure that the extraordinary wealth of material culture and the so-called intangible heritage is not lost. Simple objects of everyday use, memories of work and social relations. Small gestures and simple habits, memory of customs and habits passed down from generation to generation. Memories of ancient musical rhythms and nostalgia for stories told by grandparents on winter evenings in the warmth of the stable or by the fireplace, in that rite of improvisation that were the vijà, the vigils before the rest. So, if you want to feel like memory seekers, the Terre dei Savoia are made for you. Amid effort and play, learning and movement.

Why yes: these lands hold a formidable series of traditions and ancestral habits which would have fallen into oblivion had they not been collected in the ethnographic museums, in the festivals and popular feasts, in the murals painted on the houses in the small hamlets, in the open air routes of the Ecomuseums. In the treasure chest of our memories, you will enjoy an unforgettable Slow Experience!

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