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Trails of the Soul

Walking, cycling and riding are good for your health, but they are even more beneficial for the mind and soul

In the Terre di Savoia (the Lands of the Savoy dynasty), the trails have many stories to tell. They have witnessed the passing of transhumant shepherds and emperors, dukes on their honeymoons and smugglers, farmers and heretics chased by Inquisitors, mischievous princesses and salt merchants, and like in all self-respecting lands, saints and bandits. So by walking, cycling and riding along these trails you are embarking on a journey through time, an adventure in which you will appreciate nature and its relationship with man, the multiple facets of the landscape and its evolution. Nature is beautiful but it is also valuable and not all of it has been destroyed by men. Here in Piedmont there are still many splendid natural landscapes, paradises of silence over which storks and eagles fly and in which, as a famous poet once said, “the chamois jumps around” surrounded by wonderful and impressive peaks, in forests which are once again inhabited by wolves and where the spirit of masche (witches) and elves can still be felt. But there are also splendid man-made landscapes: maize labyrinths, figurative forests of orchards, waves of vineyards and geometrically perfect the vegetable gardens. 

Our territory is rich in history and humanity; these are lands of the soul, where one’s spirit goes on an adventure. This is a place for trekkers, bike riders and horse riders who love to discover new places, but also discover themselves. Coming here is an enriching experience, both inside and out. This is why we have created the ultimate Slow Experience

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