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Le Terre dei Savoia: the lands of a thousand-year-old royal dynasty, rich in history, art and culture and the home of Slow Food and Terra Madre; genuine, welcoming lands, abounding in tales and emotions.


In the Terre dei Savoia (the lands of the Savoia family), you can stroll through historical villages and hazelnut groves, or lose yourself in the valleys and hills, amidst nature and history.  In an area which offers enchanted landscapes and products fit for a king.


In the space of a few kilometres, the Terre dei Savoia encompass more than one thousand years’ worth of emotion: from vestiges of ancient Rome to medieval confraternities, from Renaissance castles to the places in which Italy was conceived.  The palaces and residences of the Savoia family (UNESCO World Heritage Sites), aristocratic homes surrounded by magical gardens and immense parks. Enchanted places which take you back to far-off epochs, in an atmosphere suspended between history and dreams.


You will be able to free your imagination while immersed in the oases and nature reserves, amidst forests and fortresses, on foot, on bicycle or on horseback, along secluded roads or between rows of fruit trees. You will be able to travel down our rivers by canoe, play golf in the shadow of the Monviso or go shopping beneath the porticoes of a village surrounded by fields, in a safe environment: families and children are particularly “pampered”.


The heart of the Terre dei Savoia lies in meeting its people, with their culture and their identity: ask about our “Territory Narrators”, whose passion will accompany you on a personalised journey to discover incomparable traditional food & drink products, from Barolo and the most famous wines to renowned cheeses and meats, and from truffles and fruits to our extraordinary chocolate, a peerless legacy of confectionery. You will be given advice and, if you wish, guided to the very best production sites, the farms, estates and wine cellars, enthusiastically accompanied to meet our selected hoteliers and restaurateurs, who all belong to the Club di Prodotto Terre dei Savoia. Would you like to become our friend?

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About us