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Chosen for you

The lucky recommended few


How can we be sure that are offering you only our region’s finest delights unless we have carefully selected them ourselves? We’ve met with every one of the restaurateurs and tasted all of their specialities; we’ve inspected each and every room available to you; we’ve tried and tested all the products of the artisan stores and gathered on-field accounts from the people that have inhabited the Terre dei Savoia for generations. It’s a hard job, but someone has to do it.


Everything we offer has been carefully selected using criteria and standards which are respected by every one of our operators, while we are personally committed to ensuring that each and every organisation abides by the highest quality levels, at all times.


We could have opted to sell you “excellent” facilities that none of us had even visited; we could have recommended eating in an agritourism whose products we hadn’t even tested; we could have advised you to stay at a bed & breakfast with a “view of the ring road”. We could have, but we didn’t. The people we recommend aren’t layabouts, they aren’t slackers, they’re sloggers!

Chosen for youChosen for youChosen for youChosen for you