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Authentic Territories
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Authentic Territories

You only live twice


Authenticity. We never give up on it. No friends or followers, no second life. Just the real deal. Here, people know each other, they shake each other’s’ hands, enjoy a pleasant drop of wine together. Here, on Sunday afternoons we play “briscola” (trumps) with the elderly, and on Thursday mornings we go to the market to buy fresh vegetables. Genuinely fresh. We are who we are. No photo-retouching, just the original artefact, like the agritourisms and bed & breakfasts that we’ve tried and tested especially for you. Leave your social networking, instant messaging and QR codes at home, and come and meet Cristina, Mauro and husband and wife Margherita and Maurizio instead. Sleep in their bedrooms and enjoy homemade jam for breakfast. Cook egg-based pasta and get flour all over yourself. Go cycling among the vineyards, and concentrate on the fragrances. Sure, even those… it’s all natural! Stroke the animals and eat fruit straight from the trees. Soak it all up. After all, we only live twice. But since we don’t know much about the second time round, it’s best to get to work…

El Garbin farmhouse

Treatment fit for a queen

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The “Creativity, Nature and Health” B&B
Chiusa di Pesio
This B&B can change your life–at least for a couple of days
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The Bezzecca B&B Farmhouse
In Bezzecca, Trentino, the heroic deeds of Giovenale Ballatore earned him a silver medal for having been a courageous combatant
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Rooms with world class views
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La grotta di Cech
A cave in the woods, some foxes and a hermit
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Archi del '400
A prestigious palace at the foot of the Faletti castle in the heart of Barolo
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Authentic Territories