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Absolute delirium


Taste is nothing less than a mystical experience. Whoever denies this has probably never been to the Terre dei Savoia. Of course not, because you don’t need to look for sources of ‘inspiration’ here; they find you. Artisan workshops, ancient distilleries, local confectioner’s, labyrinthine, decadent cellars of Piranesian spirit. Tertium non datur: here all roads lead to salvation or perdition. Decide for yourselves, it’s only a question of… taste.


All good is no good, and nor is all bad. What you need is just the right mixture. The fragrances show you the road, the flavours make you lose it again. What with one and the other, you will experience an uninterrupted series of different states of epicurean hallucination: from ‘Fassone’ meat tartare to “Gran Bollito Piemontese” (Large Piedmontese Meat Stew), from basin d’la vila to bônet and ‘savoiardi’ (sponge fingers). When people ask you what it was like, simply say: “What delirium!”

Regional Wine Shop of Barbaresco

In the former Brotherhood of San Donato, a temple to the king of wines

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Laboratorio di apicoltura per scoprire i segreti del miele a Savigliano
Beekeeping with Matteo Allocco
In the Savigliano countryside, Piedmontese honey made with organic beekeeping methods using bees bred with the transhumance technique
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Maggi Patisserie
Bene Vagienna

Sweets have a unique history with Mirella and Roberto

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Ca' da Laisna
In Roero, along the Honey Road and near the ca’ d’avie, Patrizia and Antonio produce organic honey
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Fiorenzo is descended from a family that has been discovering and refining the very best Piedmontese and national cheeses for over 100 years now

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L'Orto del Pian Bosco
Andrea, Irene and Manuela think plants might be able to sense the passion of the people looking after them. On the farm, they let them take charge
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Mestieri e prodotti realiMestieri e prodotti reali