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Regional Wine Shop of Barbaresco

In the former Brotherhood of San Donato, a temple to the king of wines

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Marchesi di Barolo

From the Falletti Marquis to the Abbona family, “ancient cellars” poised between tradition and modernity

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Regional Wine Shop of Barolo

The Regional Wine Shop of Barolo is situated in the large, beautiful cellars of Falletti Castle

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Maggi Patisserie
Bene Vagienna

Sweets have a unique history with Mirella and Roberto

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Fiorenzo is descended from a family that has been discovering and refining the very best Piedmontese and national cheeses for over 100 years now

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Cascina Fiume

Not far from the Casanova abbey, the Tachis family grow and preserve sweet peppers, “inheriting” 800 years of agricultural heritage

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Barbero Patisserie

Historic Italian shop founded in the late 19th century, with a longstanding tradition of product excellence and exclusivity

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L'Orto del Pian Bosco
Andrea, Irene and Manuela think plants might be able to sense the passion of the people looking after them. On the farm, they let them take charge
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La Talpina

In an old farmhouse, Sara carefully guards her secret: the recipe for ‘quaquare’

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Cuniberto Michele

Michele runs the company together with his wife and son, devoting his energies to beekeeping and to the production of fruit in syrup and vegetable preserves

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Giordano Farm

An unending expanse of orchards, the “red Cuneo apple” and related delicacies

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Ca' da Laisna
In Roero, along the Honey Road and near the ca’ d’avie, Patrizia and Antonio produce organic honey
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Cögnà of Narzole

For the Consortium for Promotion and Protection, Cögnà is more than just a product; it’s a legacy of history and tradition

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A veritable haven for anyone that loves genuine, natural mint

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La Ciuenda

Cristina Stevanin’s world of delights

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Cantine Fratelli Rabino
S. Vittoria d'Alba

From vineyards “hanging in the air”, six types of wine in the farmhouse that used to belong to the House of Savoy, before being taken over by the Rabino family

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Beekeeping with Matteo Allocco
In the Savigliano countryside, Piedmontese honey made with organic beekeeping methods using bees bred with the transhumance technique
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The Cellars of the Castle of Verduno

From King Charles Albert and General-Oenologist Paolo Francesco Staglieno, to the Burlotto family: wines that boast a long tradition and a fresh burst of creativity

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Mestieri e prodotti realiMestieri e prodotti reali