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Royal Stay
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Royal Stay

A king for a night (with right of reply)


It must be called the ‘Royal Stay’ for a reason. And the reason is no less than the fact that in the Terre dei Savoia members of the royal family really used to stay here, over and again. Princes, kings, duchesses, and morganatic wives, friars, monks and cardinals. You can choose to sleep in the bed of Carlo Alberto, or in the bedroom of the “Grand Bastard of Savoy” (registered simply as Renato), or you can opt to lodge in the Hunting House of Vittorio Emanuele II or in Carlo Alberto’s wine producing estate. Oh and rest at ease, the sheets won’t be the same as back in that era; we’ve changed them.


And if all this royalty seems a bit too much, you can opt for a fifteenth-century convent instead, or for the secret ‘Palazzo delle Anime’ (Palace of Souls) or an elegant, early twentieth century bed & breakfast. The great beauty of the buildings is thanks not only to their historic dimension, but also to the artistic value of their finishing touches, frescoes and parks. Daydreaming is a beautiful thing, dreaming while asleep in the large, luxuriously soft bed of a king or queen is even more beautiful.

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Royal Stay