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Royal Tables
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Royal Tables

Sit down and relax


Eating for eating’s sake isn’t really what you’re looking for when you leave behind your home and set off on holiday. When you sit down at a table that isn’t your own, in a room that isn’t your own, in the middle of a land whose customs aren’t your own, ideally you want to be amazed, overawed, and propelled into a new realm of experience. You want to be thrown off by a new, satisfying experience capable of overturning all your existing aesthetic hierarchies. 


Is that asking too much? Perhaps: usually such expectations are left unfulfilled. Usually, but not always. Not if the tables you sit down at are our “Royal Tables”, specially selected to regale you with moments of pure culinary ecstasy. That’s right. Ecstasy, exaltation, rapture. If you think that the Piedmontese are moderate people with a tendency for asceticism, it’s time to think again.

Il canonico

The word to the chef

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Il Baluardo
Sometimes the stars dazzle
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Ristorante dell'Agenzia
A cuisine that ‘has the numbers’
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D'Andrea restaurant

A love of cooking

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L'ape che ronza

A delicious waltz with the queen

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Nuova Giacobba

Here things are done in a big way

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Royal Tables