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Meet the local

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Have you ever arrived in a city and been disappointed, not by the city itself but by how you visited it? Gone away from a town with the desire to know it better and a vague sense of regret, of lost opportunity? You never need to again, at least not in the Terre dei Savoia, because here it’s an altogether different story: Gabriella will show you into the garden where Ascanio Sobrero planted a magnificent bald cypress tree in Cavallermaggiore; she will tell you the story of each and every individual courtyard, building, road, and of the people who inhabit the city. A story that will soon become your own. And not only Gabriella, but also Nicoletta, who will retrace the curious events that made the Bene Vagienna the jewel that it is today, or Giovanni, who will walk the fisherman’s path with you, near Fossano.


Thousands of names, stories, surprises. The land speaks for itself, or rather sings, with the voice of its greatest sons. Will you know how to listen?

Let’s get going!

Discover the Savigliano area with Giovanni: you won’t want a refund; you’ll either be satisfied or satisfied!

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Little women

The charm of old tales

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Small, unimportant details
Colour your journeys with Enrica
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Twenty twenty vision

We only see clearly with out hearts

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The stars don’t look down
Travelling around Cavallermaggiore with Gabriella: guide, wife and cook
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More good than bad

The Bene Vagienna that you did not expect, as narrated by Nicoletta.

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Just like in fairy tales!
Fables and sorceresses in Pier Paolo’s Govone
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What great fruit!

Touring the castles and orchards of Lagnasco with Andrea.

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I confuse “Roma” with “toma”

The secrets of Piemonte revealed by a “DOC” Roman

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Be Indiana…

The Roman Pollentia you really didn’t expect

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Mission (im)possible

A thousand reasons to say yes

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Would you like some?

Recipe for visiting the towns which are “happy to be small”

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Meet the localMeet the localMeet the localMeet the localMeet the localMeet the localMeet the localMeet the localMeet the local