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Small, unimportant details

Hi, my name is Enrica and I’m a Territory Narrator for the Terre dei Savoia.


I live in Saluzzo and I’ve always worked in tourism. Rather, it would be more accurate to say that I’ve always been in love with tourism: as both a hobby and a job. I love travelling, meeting people and learning new things. I am an enthusiast of local history and culture, and of the art and traditions of my local area. I am a “slow” type of person: I immerse myself in the culture of the place I am visiting, I walk, and experience each moment intensely. This is the spirit with which I intend to tell you about my local area.


If you would like to get to know the Saluzzo area with me, please take your time. Breathe the air. Listen to the neighbours talking. Colour your journey with those imperceptible nuances which will make it unique, genuine and lively.


Small details: unimportant for others, extremely important for us. 

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