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Hi, my name is Patrizia and I’m a Territory Narrator for the Terre dei Savoia!


I’m a tourist guide, I live in Casalgrasso and I deal with the towns situated in the Po river area. I’m madly in love with the territory in which I was born and raised and I like to share this passion, revealing the most hidden and less frequented corners of the area to those who pass through it.


In order to do this in the best possible way, I have devised a super-secret recipe.


You will need to bring:

500 g of curiosity

250 g of calmness and tranquillity

400 g of desire to experience history

1 handful of imagination

3 generous spoonfuls of silence, calm and serenity


Add a few drops of mint extract (typical of “my towns”), mix everything together carefully with your explorer’s soul et voilà: the dish is served. I have a lot in store for you, including stories, tales, curiosities, landscapes and personalities; recipes, anecdotes and memories, which arrive directly from the tales told by my grandparents.


As we say: you can have your cake and eat it! Would you like some?


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