numero verde
Twenty twenty vision

Hi, my name is Vilma and I’m a Territory Narrator for the Terre dei Savoia.


Can you hear that sound? Bum bum, bum bum… it’s my heart thumping,  but don’t worry, I don’t suffer from rapid heart rate. It’s simply the love I have for the land in which I was born and raised: the Monregalese area. It is a great passion that I have chosen to share with others, by showing them all the beautiful things in the local area: that is how I became a tourist guide. And a sommelier, but that’s another story, or perhaps not. In fact, I will take you away from the “official routes”, in search of smaller, but by no means less beautiful things. Here, stories which have been handed down through the generations are accompanied by tastes of the true cuisine of yesteryear and the heady fragrances of our great wines. Flavours, stories and curiosities which will stimulate the minds of adults and children alike, of this I am sure.


“We only see clearly with our hearts”, said the Little Prince. Trust in my heart when we are together in the Monregalese area: it has twenty twenty vision.

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