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Old traditions, new awareness

In the last decade, in opposition to the general consumptive trend the field of handcraft products for wellness and personal care has grown rapidly. Many studies show there has been a strong international expansion of these artisanal ranges. Among the motivations for this happy anomaly, there is certainly a change in the behaviour of the consumer who seem to have developed a new awareness: on the one hand, the desire to come back to the traditions; and on the other hand, a strong attention for quality, controlled and certified processes (for instance the success of organic farming) and with a production method which respects people and the environment.

Wellness, beauty, mental and physical balance, relaxation, harmony of mind and body… the lifestyle of this new critical consumer pays attention to all these meanings. Furthermore, they stimulate companies with remarkable impacts in the economic and social spheres.

Quality handcraft products in the cross-border region

A cross-border survey carried out in the area of Piedmont and the Haute - Provence highlighted the presence of many high quality productions - in particular in the field of cosmetics and perfumes in France and in the food farming field in Italy -  as a result of ancient local traditions.

But merely the evidence of excellence cannot satisfy the market demand by itself.

Often the tradition of craftsmanship and the use of natural raw materials has led to limited innovation within the small and medium sized businesses in these fields. There is a need to align products to the tastes and contemporary trends and expectations of consumers through the use of communication and marketing techniques capable of meeting the commercial logic of buyers. Uniting both the quality and benefits of the traditional industry with the expectations and innovation of the modern commercial sector will lead to greater possibilities for these businesses.

An opportunity for renewal

The joint evidence of this research has led to the creation of the new “Officina Aromataria” project, a network to strengthen, renew and protect the quality of the food and craft products and natural products for wellness and personal care. Currently the value of these artisanal products has not been marketed in order to create sustainable opportunities  and development for instance the potential for growth in other regions.

The operating activities will develop in two main directions: on the one hand, the defense of the tradition. Currently the Piedmont region does not provide specific requirements for the production of artisan products. So new guidelines for production, for those categories of handcraft products which are associated with the aims of the “Officina Aromataria” will be created (for example natural cosmetics, candles, essences, perfumes for environment, infusions and dietary supplements); on the other hand, the improvement of the commercial offer, with potential for expanding product ranges and creating added value through targeted communication plans. In particular, given the importance of perfumes and fragrances in the areas in which “Officina Aromataria” will operate, the promotional strategies will make use of the possibilities offered by olfactory marketing, known internationally as Sell with Smell. This form of promotion promises to be innovative and complimentary to the overall aims.

A valuable partnership

Terre dei Savoia partners in the project “Officina Aromataria” with the associations Pays de Haute- Provence, the Communauté de Communes Pays de Forcalquier et Montagne de Lure and FranceAgriMer which, thanks to thirty years of experience in the field, will provide their skills with the enhancement of natural cosmetics and with products for wellness and personal care.
A synergy between Italy and France which will produce significant socio-economic benefits in their respective local contexts (through the exchange of good practice and knowledge) and on cross-border region, favouring the development, thanks to the integration of traditional regional excellence.

Officina Aromataria