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Pit Monviso

Culture, history, past and present.
A territory is alive and in continuous metamorphosis; its identity revolves around real characteristics, rather than political boundaries drawn on a map. The “MONVISO: l’uomo e le territoire” PIT (Integrated Cross-Border Plan) is this: a collection of projects aimed at promoting development, the starting point of which is the existing relationship between people and the land. An initiative which favours a sustainable development programme in the area identified by the Monviso massif.


The PIT aims to promote the protection of environmental  resources, the gradual and effective utilisation of all tourism facilities and the development of local agriculture and production.


The MONVISO PIT is a cross-border cooperation plan (Alcotra Programme 2007-2013) which concerns the Italian-French territory of Monviso, an area of 3.677 km2; it involves 26 partners from the Provinces of Cuneo and Torino and the Departement des Hautes Alpes. The area is distinguished by multiple natural, cultural and economic resources, and is home to 250,000 people.


Pit Monviso