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The birth town of Francesco Bussone, immortalised by Manzoni as the "Count of Carmagnola", offers long arcaded streets, large piazzas, many churches and a large number of both upper-class and middle-class residences. The surrounding territory is divided between the classic landscapes of the plain on the orographic left of the Po, while on the orographic right of the river, the up and down rhythm of the morainic hill offers glimpses of striking beauty. Once a strategic military town contested by powerful people, it is now the undisputed capital of the “king” of peppers.


The town is internationally renowned for the quality of its peperoni: a good combination of climate and the land’s organoleptic properties favour the growth of a unique product which is considered unbeatable. The cultivated varieties include the Corno di Bue (Ox Horn), which is protected by Slow Food. Another Slow Food protected variety is the Coniglio Grigio di Carmagnola (Grey Rabbit of Carmagnola), while Giora salami (65% beef) is part of the Province of Torino’s Basket of Typical Products.


The Po River Park extends to the west of the town and is home to two important natural areas (Bosco del Gerbasso e  Lanca di San Michele) and kilometres of trails, which also have educational value and are particularly suitable for children. The territory of Carmagnola is home to numerous riding stables and two golf courses.