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Cherasco is “gourmet” in a broad sense, as it offers a varied taste of “the good things in life”, including shops, the green landscapes of the golf clubs, the irresistible call of exhibitions and art and antique markets, walks around its bastions and excursions in the charming surroundings, where you can enjoy the views and forests.

In the heart of the town, between the Porta Narzole and the Madonna del Rosario Arches, the Town Hall and the Civic Tower (the façade of which bears a coat of arms with the motto urbs firmissima pacis) stand as a symbol to historical power and local pride. Starting from here, the visitor will encounter one fascinating sight after another.
The town is also home to an incredible number of elegant aristocratic residences, almost all of which date back to the 17th and 18th centuries, the period of great development. These buildings are part of the history of both the blue-blooded nobility and the nouveau riche.


An active way to enjoy Cherasco is to take a tour of the bastions, which combines movement with an opportunity to explore the town from a unique perspective: this pursuit was also enjoyed by Gina Lagorio, the great writer whose mother hailed from Cherasco and who dedicated numerous successful works to the city, most notably Tra le mura stellate.


Baci di Cherasco, chocolate-based delicacies which were first made in 1881, are recognised as a typical product of Piemonte. Since 1971, the town has been home to the Istituto Internazionale di Elicicoltura (International Institute of Heliciculture) and is extremely well renowned in the culinary field of lumache di pianura.


An important protected nature area is the Confluenza della Stura nel Tanaro, which is characterised by the presence of the exclusive lesser periwinkle  "atropurpurea" and is also an excellent birdwatching area. Cherasco is also the starting point for a canoe ride down the Tanaro to Govone and Barbaresco.