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The presence of 24 aristocratic and administrative buildings tells us a great deal about the role played by Fossano in the history of the Savoia family. Historically known as a creative and dynamic industrial city, Fossano still offers the typical lifestyle of a small capital. It can be enjoyed during a visit, but especially on the occasion of several exclusive events, such as the Palio, in which the splendours of the Renaissance make a comeback, or the Mirabilia Festival, which fills the streets of the town with circus, theatre and dance arts from all over Europe. The great castle and the dozens of churches and buildings blend well with the atmosphere of festive and youthful vitality.

The plateau on which Fossano lies is crisscrossed by kilometres of paths and cycle trails in the sphere of the CammiNatura Project and the certified horse trail, and is a green paradise for sports enthusiasts. The town marks the start of the Fisherman’s Path, which descends to the banks of the Stura di Demonte, a crystal clear river along which canoeists can enjoy the ride down to the confluence with the Tanaro, in the municipality of Cherasco.