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A village of history, art and vineyards, and the "custodian” of a “people-oriented” lifestyle and a spectacular landscape, in which the remains are conspicuous of an authentic imperial stronghold, designed by one of the most unique interpreters of the stylistic taste that characterised 19th-century Piemonte, Giovanni Battista Schellino. The local people consider the guest to be sacred, as in the times of Homer. The territory produces Barolo, as well as other fine reds from the Langhe area. In Novello, a rare autochthonous grape variety can be found, the Nascetta (or also Anas – cëtta,  pronounced separately), from which an exclusive white wine is obtained.

The environs of Novello offer extraordinary landscapes, which can be enjoyed by means of the trekking paths and beautiful cycling roads. Here, you will encounter springs, country shrines and chapels and the gullies carved by the flow of the Tanaro.