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Pocapaglia is an ideal combination, with its centuries-old origins, the castle, the numerous churches, which are also scattered around its hamlets, and the typical atmosphere of a village in the Roero area, rich in history, tales and legends refashioned as fables. Here, modernity combines with a strong sense of belonging, that can be discovered by walking around the unique setting of the Rocche (Rocks), from which the village seems to magically emerge.
The Visitors’ Centre of the
Eco-Museum of the Rocks is the starting point for a series of excursions which will allow you to explore the settings of the historical/mythical story of the figure who became eponymous with the village, the Masca Micilina, who was burnt at the stake but whose presence can still be felt, as Italo Calvino recalls in his story The Count’s Beard.

However, Pocapaglia is primarily the starting point for undemanding excursions to the Rocks, which can be explored thanks to the spectacular network of paths (Great Roero Pathway and local thematic circuits), which can be enjoyed on foot, on bicycle or on horseback.