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The site was already inhabited in Roman times; it is cited in imperial documents from the 10th century and was a free commune until the 14th century. The town swore allegiance to the Savoy family in 1349 and became a strategic bastion for south Piemonte.

Savigliano should be experienced first hand: you will discover important locally-produced works of the Renaissance and Mannerism periods and lose yourself in the medieval atmosphere of the lanes; you will be able to admire the façades and courtyards of aristocratic buildings and discover the town’s squares, some huge, others small and peaceful.. You will also be able to enjoy the cuisine in the renowned restaurants, after an aperitif in one of the town’s many bars or confectioner’s shops, in the squares or beneath the arcades, which are often animated by open-air theatrical and musical performances. Savigliano embodies the quintessence of an Art de vivre, where history brings vitality to everyday pleasures.


Savigliano is surrounded by beautiful countryside, which is marked by the extensive presence of orchards. In particular, the territory in the direction of Saluzzo is home to a series of villas and castles which are deservedly known as the Circuit of Delights. Along the course of the Maira torrent, we find the Naturalistic River Path, the starting point of a more extensive circuit, which runs through the countryside between the Maira and the Mellea torrent.