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To the south-west of Trinità lies the Beinale Plateau, touched by the waters of the Stura, upon which sunflowers are cultivated and some grapevines can still be found. Several uncultivated areas of the terrain make it extremely suitable for the nesting of various bird species, especially in spring and winter.
Encompassing both the village and the countryside, the devotional itinerary composed of the
confraternities and chapels is extremely interesting and of great historical/artistic importance. It can also be explored starting from the Confraternity of San Giovanni Evangelista (which houses an altar piece by the great Sebastiano Taricco) and from the church of the Compagnia di Santa Elisabetta.
By bicycle, it is enjoyable to explore the Plateau by following the circuit of hamlets, each of which has its own chapel to visit. The CammiNatura Project offers marked routes for trekking, bicycle and horseback excursions in the area.