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Part plain, part hill, part mountain, this is the ideal starting point for numerous excursions. Amidst the fragrance of mushrooms and chestnuts, Boves, Martyr Town of the Resistance and home to the Scuola di Pace (School of Peace), is a small town which preserves a considerable heritage of works of art, but which also offers two of the most unique museums in the area: one dedicated to mushrooms and another to chestnuts.

However, Boves is known above all as Martyr Town of the Resistance: on 19 September, 1943, its inhabitants were the first civil victims of the German reaction to the partisan struggle, paying the price of 32 deaths and the burning of the town.

For sports lovers, Boves is the starting point of numerous trekking and mountain bike trails; it boasts a climbing village (with 400 m² dedicated to indoor climbing) and, in the hamlet of Mellana, the 18-hole golf course of the Cuneo Golf Club. Amateur astronomy enthusiasts may be interested in the activities of the Associazione Astrofili Bisalta, which regularly organises  star watching outings.
Boves gives its name to a Toma cheese which is classified as a typical product of Piemonte. In the town, it is also possible to buy the unique Pane di Carlo Alberto (Charles Albert Bread); it is not known to what extent this bread actually owes its name to the ambiguous king associated with the first Italian statute, but it seems that it did provide substantial nourishment for the troops of the Savoia family: it is made with walnuts, anchovies and pepper and baked in a wood oven.