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We’d rather Marcus or Tullius than Cicero


In Italian, tourist guides are nick-named “Ciceroni” (cicerones) because in order to provide the very best service they need to be of noble spirit, extremely well-educated, and possess that indispensable gift of the gab. That might very well be. But are we really sure that we need the help of such an individual to visit monuments? Or should we instead take the view of whoever it was (Baudelaire, perhaps?) that claimed that in order to truly appreciate a beautiful place you need to do away with timetables, steer clear of monuments and avoid precisely this type of verbose cicerone?


Things get even worse when instead of real-life people you have to put up with a tape-recorded voice. Remember those “esoteric” audio-guides into which it sounds like some aloof university professor has decided to pour all his lyophilized knowledge? Raise your hand if you got all the way to the end…


The Juve Shield



A genuine problem... We have come to the conclusion that guides, even digital ones, genuinely do offer added value, but they need to be real, genuine, authentic expressions of places whose secrets they are able to reveal. Would you like to discover the Terre dei Savoia accompanied by the tales of someone who actually lives there? Stories of grandparents and their tales of love, the history of the villages and their well-kept secrets? Well now you can. You can download images, films, maps, documents and audio files directly onto your PC, smartphone or tablet. Visit the region with the help of our audio-guides, and interrogate them along the way. How? Simple, all you need do is take a picture of the QR codes located in the most important parts of the region. Discover that a church fresco contains nothing less than the image of the shield of the Juventus!... Cicero never would have told you that. Marcus or Tullius would have though.

Select the contents of your interest from the list, so you can see the contents of our guides, print them, save them on your PC and import the audio guides on your mp3 player.


If you have a smartphone or tablet
Click HERE and go directly to the "Mobile Media Player" or use the QR codes    exposed on the point of interest.



  Pollenzo, a village with no time

  Pollenzo Romana: the buried city

  The amphitheater: the story of Pollentia spans the centuries

  The Square: The Heart of the Village of Royal Pollenzo

  The Square: Hidden meanings

The church of San Vittore Martyr

  The Castle: look but do not enter!

The Wine Bank and Time

The wine goes Pollenzo in Brazil

Cherasco: the town with star-shaped walls
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