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Have you ever seen the Terre dei Savoia through the eyes of a child? We have: through the eyes of all the children that have been there. We’ve seen a wolf from close enough to almost touch it; we’ve seen archers lined up in battle to defend their sovereign; we’ve followed the flight of a thousand storks as far as we could. We’ve seen the inner belly of a double-bass in the ‘Fabbrica dei Suoni’ (Sound Factory) and worked on crystal with the expert glassmakers of the ‘Fabbrica Regia’ (Royal Factory). We’ve been on a hot-air balloon flight over the Langhe and uncovered the lair of the ‘Masca Micilina’. We’ve been archaeologists at the Roman excavation sites of Bene Vagienna and students at the Sorriso University of Cherasco.

We’ve got up to all sorts, but most importantly of all, we’ve had a whale of a time!

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