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Just one more hole


According to Mark Oman, golf-addicts are never satisfied when they finish a round: they always want “another hole” to get rid of the nasty flavour left by the last 18. Golf is a bit of a trickster because while it appears to be nothing more than a sport, it’s actually something else entirely: a fairly un-hypocritical way of doing business, an all-consuming passion, an obsession at the very limits of psychopathy. You need rigour, discipline, and drive, because when the club hits the ball and it starts to take off, tension rises, heart-rates go up, and the buzzing around you goes quiet. Emotion and composure oscillate until the ball hits the ground again. It rolls on the green. It goes into the hall. Boom!


Some people say that you can even die of golf, but although we admire all this heroic furore, we prefer the dazzlingly green courses of the Terre dei Savoia with their 9 or 18 holes of varying levels of difficulty and slope over those sky-blue ones. Clubs and Club Houses for golfing newbies or veterans sprout up amidst the Langhe hills and the imposing Monviso mountain; playing host to courses, tournaments, and competitions among friends. And at the end we’ll always grant you that “extra hole”. It sounds bad, but then no one’s ever complained!

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