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Save yourself for us


Tracing wolf tracks in the Marguareis Park creates a sense of exhilarating adventure. Things might sometimes end badly in the novels of Jack London, but not here; here everything always turns out for the best. Afraid of wolves? No problem, there’s something for everyone: roes, chamois, deer, wild boars, eagles, owls, little owls, even animals of Arctic origin such as stoats, white partridges and the enigmatic ‘mountain hair’. Exploring the Maritime Alps was one of Vittorio Emanuele II’s favourite pastimes; he even wanted to set up the Royal Reserve of The House of Savoy there, overflowing with game, dotted with thermal springs, and set in a mountainous framework of stunning beauty.  How kind of him, we’re certainly not complaining!


But that’s not all. Simply shake up the kaleidoscope and discover the other jewel the Piedmont Parks have to offer us: the Park of the Po Valley, which stretches as far as the eye can see from the rushing force of the Monviso all the way to the peaceful plains. And exploring astonishing city-troves or museums all the way up to closing time isn’t all there is to do here; why not also explore the huge green oases where you can relax or play sports, look at flowers and encounter animals wiser than man himself. The word ‘park’ is derived from the Latin term parcĕre; meaning to save, contain yourself, reminding us that these are lands so extraordinary that they must be protected, or ‘saved’. Saved for whom? For us.  

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