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Park of the Maritime Alps

Discover different varieties of flowers, chamois, ibexes, golden eagles and wolves along a multitude of trails in the biggest park in Piedmont!


The biggest park in Piedmont is also one of the largest in Italy. The park, which extends around the crystalline massif of the Argentera, houses about 80 Alpine lakes and boasts an amazing wealth of flora and fauna. This is the Park of the Maritime Alps.

It has an area of 27,832 hectares and extends over the municipalities of Aisone, Entracque, Valdieri and Vernante. It is the kingdom of chamois (over 45,000 specimens), ibexes (reintroduced in 1930 by King of Italy Vittorio Emmanuel III; today there are about 500 specimens), roes, wild boars and some specimens of mouflon which in all probability cross the border from France. In the park, there are also black grouses, white partridges and seven couples of golden eagles nesting in the park. The lammergeyer, also known as the bearded vulture or vulture of the lambs, has been reintroduced recently, and even wolves have unexpectedly returned to this paradise on earth.

The park is an extraordinary rarity from a botanical point of view, especially with regard to flowers: as a matter of fact there are 2,600 species here, almost half of the entire number of species on the Italian peninsula.

Some of the most important parts of the park include the Juniperus Phoenicea Nature Reserve and the Valderia Alpine Garden in Valdieri where the Segale Eco-museum is also located; the Palanfrè beech forest in Vernante and the Uomini e Lupi Faunistic Centre in Entracque, which is the first of its kind in Italy.

Miles and miles of trails make this region a paradise for hikers.

Park of the Maritime Alps