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Breathe in the world


Contemporary culture no longer tolerates the stronger smells, besides those connected with good food and the more or less discreet game of seduction, that is. In everything else, the sense of smell gets left behind, being seen as nothing more than a lowly supporting act to its two older brothers: sight and hearing.


The problem is that we’re losing out on an important part of life. Let’s carry out an experiment: go to a flowery valley in the Terre dei Savoia, close your eyes, soak up the silence and….wait. Lavender, mint, expanses of tulips, orchards, alpine pastures, flat land stock farms, a whole new world opens itself up to you. The fragrances of a land that is just waiting to be lived and discovered… through your nose. Relax, keep on breathing in the world. It’s worth it. Jean Baptiste Grenouille, the protagonist of Perfume by Patrick Suskind, was an ‘odourless’ man who tried to find the perfect smell in order to become fully human. We’re asking for less: a curious nose and a rich landscape full of sweet-smelling fragrances.


One sense sparks another


Man’s senses aren’t like Leibniz’s monads. They communicate, interact, and work together. If I pick up new smells, fragrances, my other senses benefit too. Above all my sense of taste. Cheeses, peppers, homemade pasta, biscuits, jams, chocolate: these are all authentic flavours that you can try in the Terre dei Savoia, simply by slowing down, looking around you inquisitively and calmly pausing to enjoy each and every new delight. More smell, more flavour.

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