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With us, tastings are even tastier. They represent stories, tales. In the Terre dei Savoia, products speak for themselves, chatting away on familiar terms. They depict the exasperating egocentrism of ‘alvà’, which has to be carefully attended to for hours on end, before finally leavening and transforming into a “micca” shaped bread. Or the extremely exclusive ‘Quaquara’, whose secret recipe is known only to a few select Genoese women, who fight tooth and nail to guard it, handing it down from mother to daughter. Or ‘Zests’, extremely high-calorie candied fruits which are full of themselves because they are the secret lovers (but not too many, mind!) of the Duchess Bianca di Monferrato. Producers of the Terre dei Savoia will tell you about all this and much more, darting from tasty samples to spicy indiscretions. Because, as we all know, the truth always comes out on a full stomach.

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Ascheri Wine Cellars

Tradition keeping up with the times

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The delicacies of the Gods

Enticing tasting sessions at the Drogheria Giraudo

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Il Generale Wine Cellar

To sing and to taste

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The Allocco beekeeping farm

There is so much to learn from bees!

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Pian Bosco Vegetable Garden

Emotion and fulfilment for the flavours of the good old days

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Cögnà Consortium

A kaleidoscope of flavours, to discover and savour

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Barbero Confectioner's Shop

Baci from Cherasco, pralines… so sweet

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Castle Wine Cellars

Two hearts and a wine cellar

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True Gourmet True Gourmet