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Drogheria Giraudo
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The delicacies of the Gods

“The Maya believed that cacao had the power to free hidden desires”. Perhaps. If Juliette Binoche says so in Chocolat then we believe her. Actually, we are certain it is true. Chocolate gives us the opportunity to satisfy our desire for sensual pleasure and fascinates us at first glance. It is sufficient to sample a soft and enticing truffle, or allow ourselves to be captivated by the elegance of a praline, or melt in the warm passion of a rum cuneese. An overwhelming encounter, an ecstasy of sweetness and flavour.


The Maya knew a lot about chocolate! For them, it was the “food of the gods”.

If Sartre was right when he stated that “man is a failed god”, well….buon appetitio.


At the Drogheria Giraudo it is possible to sample chocolate which is made in the old-fashioned way, with carefully selected ingredients and strictly traditional methods.

- 1 euro tasting voucher:

         1 cuneese (choice of flavours) + 1 torroncino (choice of flavours) + 1 tartufo (choice of flavours)

-  2 euro tasting voucher:

         one 150-gram bar of torrone (choice of flavours)

-  3 euro tasting voucher:

         One 150-gram packet of mixed chocolates (choice of cuneese, torronicini and tartufi)


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