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Orto del Pianbosco
Fraz. Loreto, 24 A
+390172 62591
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Pian Bosco Vegetable Garden

Who has never shed a tear while chopping an onion? At the Pian Bosco Vegetable Garden something very similar will happen: you will feel a tear run down your face when you see the vegetables.  But it will be a tear of emotion.  Due to the freshness and goodness of those fruits of the earth.
“Vegetables aren’t what they used to be”, as our grandparents would say. But don’t say that to the Giaccardi family. Here, the vegetables have the same intense flavour that they used to have:  a convincing flavour, a touching flavour. In other words, bring some handkerchiefs with you.
Andrea, Irene and Manuela cultivate their land with organic agriculture methods and offer you the chance to taste a series of products from their vegetable garden: fruit preserves, with and without sugar; creams and sauces; vegetables in oil and pickled vegetables; local cheeses and wines. For them, a guest is a friend to pamper. With the exception of nobody.


Duration:  1 hour
Cost: €60 per group (up to 10 people),  €6 per person for large groups
Period: all year
Closed Sundays
Booking necessary


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