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Cögnà Consortium

El pi bon contorn a l’è l’aptit”. Appetite is the best side dish, according to a Piedmontese saying. And here, in the Terre dei Savoia, you will certainly have no shortage of appetite. And how could you, when you will come across astonishing products such as cögnà during the course of your journey?


Grape must, quince, pears, figs, hazelnuts. Can you picture a kaleidoscope? That tube full of pieces of coloured glass which create beautiful patterns. With just one look, a nondescript cylinder becomes a world of  colours and fantasy.

Cögnà is an indescribable mix of fragrances. With just one taste, a nondescript jar becomes a kaleidoscope of flavours.


An exceptional product cannot but deserve the protection of a special consortium. A group of people from Narzole who keep watch over production and the origin of the ingredients. Cögnà lovers who can’t wait to share its secrets and flavours with you.

The consortium offers visits to the orchards and wine cellars. We will passionately explain the characteristics of the fruits and show you how grape must is obtained. We will let you sample cögnà, accompanied by typical local cheeses and wine from the cellar.


You will discover a product which you will no longer be able to do without. Which you will always want when you eat meat and cheese. “El pi bon contorn a l’è l’aptit”. Well, enjoy your meal!



Opening times: 8.00 a.m.- 8.00 p.m. Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays; other days by request

Free visits

Tasting session: 3 euros per person

Booking: 15-20 days before visit

Groups: 2-50 people


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