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Dogliani Il Generale
Via Cavour, 155
+39333 2297860
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Il Generale Wine Cellar

General, behind the hill lies the murderous German night. Who was De Gregori referring to? Who knows, perhaps to Domenico Dogliani. In the village, he was known as “il Generale”. The early 1900s were times of phylloxera: the grapevines were dying and there was no hope of producing wine. The fault of the Germans? Domenico would not give in and crossed the Alps to bring wine to Narzole from Burgundy. Valiant like a general. ‘


In the middle of the meadow there is a peasant woman, bent against the sunset she seems like a child. Meadows, vineyards, farmhouses: here, the countrywomen continue to flourish, and have been bringing their juicy grapes to the wine cellar for generations.


There’s no longer anybody behind the hill, just pine needles and silence and mushrooms, good to eat, good to dry, to make sauce with when Christmas comes.

And cold meats, cheeses and the legendary cögnà sauce. Delicatessen products to accompany the wines which you can sample in the cellar.


And don’t worry. It’s not really true that there’s no longer anybody behind the hill. After Domenico, Ambrogio, Augenio and Mauro, the fifth generation of the Dogliani family is on its way. There’s still a lot to sing about.





Groups of 2 to 20 people

Cost: 10 euros per person

Free for children up to the age of 10

Open every day

Booking necessary, at least 15 days in advance

Foreign languages: English

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