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Ascheri Wine Cellars

The Ascheri family: wine producers since the beginning of the 19th century. They were always innovators and they still are today.

What is their way of “keeping up with the times”? They adopt a natural approach, using technology with moderation, without spoiling the wine with specific treatments.

In a world in which it is become increasingly common for wines to be produced in different places with the same grapes, the same technology, the same woods for refining and the same consultants, here is a real breath of fresh air: the care, the ideas and the sensitivity of people who have always made wine.

The results can be seen, smelled and tasted. In a word:  they can be savoured.



Tasting session with a choice of three wines: 6 euros

Tasting session with a choice of three wines and typical local products (sausage, salami, cheese): 10 euros

Open every day

It is necessary to book at least 3 days in advance

Groups: between 4 and 30 people

Foreign languages: English, German and French


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